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Avaya IP Deskphones Software Releases

11xx, 12xx and 2007 Series UNIStim Software Release 5.4

Release 5.4 is NOT the latest release of UNIStim software for installation on Avaya 11xx, 12xx and 2007 IP deskphones. Release 5.4 was made generally available in March 2012.

New In This Release

The UNIStim software release 5.4 can be installed on Avaya 2007, 1110, 1120E, 1140E, 1150E, 1165E, 1210, 1220, and 1230 IP Deskphones only.

New features in UNIStim 5.5 include:

  • The 5 minute timer on the 1140E, 1150E and 2007 IP Deskphones, when accessing the Network Configuration menu on reboot, has been changed to improve the user experience and to align with how this functionality is implemented on the 1200 Series IP Deskphones.
  • UNIStim 5.4 continues to improve the overall quality of the IP Deskphone software through the delivery of ongoing resolution of customer reports and Avaya identified work items.

Software Development Kits

Developer Documentation

The Push and Web API capabilities supported in UNIStim Release 5.5 are described in chapter 19 of the IP Deskphones Fundamentals document below, in the section on Telephony Features: