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Avaya IP Deskphones Development Tools & Configurations

Avaya IP Deskphone PushSDK


Save the download ZIP to your local and install the PushSDK following the instructions in the Installation Guide.

Release Information

Important: Release 2.2 is the latest release of the Avaya IP Deskphone PushSDK and should be used for all new development. The PushSDK can be used to develop applications for all Avaya IP Deskphones that support the Push API. Earlier releases of the PushSDK are no longer available for download from the DevConnect portal

The PushSDK Release 2.2 provides the following new functionality:

  • Support for Multicast Receive Audio Push, enabling a single RTP stream to be played at multiple deskphones simultaneously, preventing unnecessary packet duplication. Multicast Audio Receive Push is available on Avaya one-X® IP Deskphones with H.323 Release 3.0 or later installed.
  • In Push Initiation requests it is possible to specify the port on the deskphone where the requests are to be sent. In previous releases, requests were always sent to port 80.
  • A Trusted Push Server can be identified by its DNS (Domain Name Server) name, as an alternative to its IP address.
  • Audio Receive Push performance has been enhanced.
  • New Settings Request Parameters have been added: SwitchBacklight and BacklightOffTimer.
  • The Alert and ErrorToneEnabled settings parameters have been changed to ShowPhoneScreenOnAlert and ErrortoneEnabled, respectively.

About the PushSDK

The Avaya IP Deskphone PushSDK enables rapid development of intelligent communications applications that push unsolicited messages to Avaya IP deskphones. The PushSDK contains the client-side Java PushSDK API, associated programmer documentation and several sample applications demonstrating how individual PushSDK API operations can be combined to provide powerful solutions. The PushSDK API generates the Push Initiation requests and message content required by the deskphones' native Push API.

The PushSDK API supports the following push types:

  • Topline
  • Display (WML browser content)
  • Audio receive (unicast and multicast)
  • Audio transmit
  • Subscribe
  • Phonexml

Release News

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