Avaya offers a wide range of IP deskphones to meet various network configuration and end-user needs, and to deliver communications functionality and applications throughout converged networks. DevConnect supports development using the APIs provided by the J100 Series and 9600 Series SIP and H.323 deskphones, and the 1100, 1200 and 2000 Series UNIStim deskphones. In addition, DevConnect supports third-party headset integration with these and other deskphone models, via their supported headset interfaces.


  • Many Avaya IP deskphone models have a display with a built-in WML browser that supports the Web API.
  • Deskphone models that support the Push API allow client applications to push unsolicited, out-of-call messages to them in the form of text posted to the display top line, Web content to the WML browser, audio messages to the speaker, prompts to record audio messages via the deskphone, and phonexml (96x0 SIP only) to customize the deskphone's settings and display.
  • The PushSDK contains the client-side Java PushSDK API that can be used to generate the Push Initiation requests and message content required by the deskphones' native Push API.
  • In addition, 96x0 SIP deskphones support DeskphoneXML, which can be used to customize the deskphones display content and look-and-feel.


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