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Avaya IP Deskphones Push API and PushSDK API


Push API

The Push API is an XML-based application interface exposed by Avaya IP deskphones. The Push API allows client applications to push unsolicited messages to the deskphones. The following types of push message are supported by the API:

  • Display: sends a full-screen, WML page to a deskphone's web browser.
  • Top Line: sends a single line text message to the deskphone's top line display.
  • Unicast Audio Receive: a separate instance of an audio message is played at each deskphone.
  • Multicast Audio Receive: a single instance of an audio message is played at multiple deskphones. The Multicast Audio Receive push type is supported on 96x1 Series deskphones and 96x0 Series deskphones with H.323 Release 3.0 and higher.
  • Audio Transmit: a message is sent to a deskphone prompting the user to use the deskphone to transmit an audio message. The Audio Receive push type can be used to play the transmitted message at other deskphones.
  • Subscribe: a message is sent to the deskphone instructing it to send its details to a subscription service. The Subscribe push method allows an application to maintain an up-to-date database of deskphones in the network.
  • Phonexml: allows an application to dynamically:
    • Update a deskphone's user interface content, including the title line, prompt line, menu options, softkey labels and softkey functionality
    • Disable hard key functionality
    • Clear a deskphone's call, web and contacts history
    • Reset user-defined preferences
    • Update options and settings, such as skin, preferred language, ringtone pattern and time format.
    The Phonexml push type is supported on 96x0 Series telephones with SIP Releases 2.2, 2.5 or 2.6.

Use the Application Interface Capabilities Utility, available on the Development Tools & Configurations page, to check which Push types are supported on which deskphone models and software releases.

PushSDK and PushSDK API

The Avaya IP Deskphone PushSDK enables rapid development of intelligent communications applications that push unsolicited messages to Avaya IP deskphones. The PushSDK contains the client-side Java PushSDK API, associated programmer documentation and several sample applications demonstrating how individual PushSDK API operations can be combined to provide powerful solutions. The PushSDK API generates the Push Initiation requests and message content required by the deskphones' native Push API.

Release News

Latest Releases

96x1 SIP 7.1.10
(Jun 2020)
View Release

96x1 H.323 6.8.4
(Jul 2020)
View Release

96x0 SIP 2.6.17
(May 2017)
View Release

96x0 H.323 3.2.7
(Aug 2016)
View Release