Avaya IP Deskphones Sample Application

Latest Release: J100 SIP (Jan 2023)

Java Media Framework

About The Sample Application

The Java Media Framework (JMF) sample application demonstrates how to use Sun Microsystems' JMF classes to support the Push and Transmit Audio features of Avaya 9600 Series IP deskphones. The Push API supports streaming audio to Avaya 9600 Series IP deskphones from a standard application server. Avaya 9600 Series IP deskphones also support a Push API for transmitting audio to an application server. This sample application shows how to use the JMF classes to implement server side applications that send and receive RTP audio streams in response to Push API requests. A sample Java application to generate the initial Push Request to an IP Telephone is also included.

Target Avaya Platform

  • Avaya 9600 Series IP deskphones.


  • Developers should be familiar with developing and compiling Java applications in order to use this sample application.
  • Pre-Requisites: Java SDK 1.4.2 or higher; JMF 2.1.1 (available from http://java.sun.com).

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