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Avaya BotConnector Snap-in

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DevConnect supports application development using the following Avaya BotConnector (formerly Chatbot) interfaces:

BotConnector ReST, Java SDK API and JavaScript SDK APIs

The BotConnector APIs each provide similar methods that enable a client application to:

  • Log into the Avaya Automated Chat server and establish a chat session.
  • Send text messages to the Automated Chat engine.
  • Poll for and receive responses from the Automated Chat engine.
  • End a chat session.

Solutions are typically implemented on a Web page, with controls for the customer to type questions and view responses. Sessions can be established automatically when, for example, the user first starts typing, and ended after a period of inactivity or when the customer leaves the page.

BotConnector Events

The BotConnector Snap-in publishes events to the Avaya Breeze Bus. Other snap-ins deployed on the Avaya Breeze Platform can listen for these events and use them, and the information they contain, to trigger additional processing. Events are generated by the BotConnector Snap-in whenever:

  • A new chat session is established.
  • Escalation is required to a live agent (i.e. when a customer's question cannot be answered by Automated Chat).
  • A chat session is ended.

For detailed information about API methods and events, see the Developers Guide available under Releases for the release of the BotConnector Snap-in you are using.

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