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Avaya Breeze Snap-ins

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Avaya Snap-ins with Programming Interfaces

The following Avaya Breeze snap-ins are available from Avaya and have programming interfaces that are supported by DevConnect. Follow the Learn more links to get information about each snap-in and its interfaces, and to download associated developer resources such as SDKs and programming guides.

Avaya Engagement Designer

Avaya Engagement Designer enables Business Analysts and other non-developers to construct end-to-end business processes using a graphical, drag and drop user interface. Users select tasks from a pallet, configure the tasks’ attributes, and draw links between them to define a workflow.
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Avaya Context Store Snap-in

The Avaya Context Store Snap-in enables context-sensitive, real-time customer contact information to be updated from multiple sources and shared between the various components and touch points in the enterprise through which the customer passes.
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Avaya Co-Browsing Snap-in

The Avaya Co-Browsing Snap-in enables an organization's contact center agents and its customers to browse pages on its Web site simultaneously. Agents can thereby help customers navigate the site, complete on-line forms, understand content, etc.
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Avaya BotConnector Snap-in

The BotConnector Snap-in enables developers to include automated chat capabilities in their solutions.
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Engagement Call Control Snap-in

The Engagement Call Control Snap-in provides a set of RESTful Web service APIs for call control and voice messaging operations. The APIs support capabilities similar to those supported by the equivalent Agile Communication Environment™ (Avaya ACE) SOAP-based Web service APIs.
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Avaya Mobile Video

Avaya Mobile Video enables an enterprise's customers to initiate and conduct a two-way video or audio-only call with a contact center agent from their mobile device. Although not deployed as a snap-in in its initial release, Mobile Video is considered an Avaya Breeze service.
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Avaya WebRTC Snap-in

The Avaya WebRTC Snap-in acts as the gateway between a WebRTC application running inside a Web page and the enterprise’s Avaya Aura-based communications network. Users can click on a Web page link to initiate a voice call to an endpoint in the enterprise.
Learn more

Avaya Work Assignment Snap-in

The Avaya Work Assignment Snap-in is an extensible, highly scalable, highly available and resilient next generation work distribution system that manages the assignment of work items to resources across the enterprise.
Learn more

Avaya Aura Presence Services Snap-in

The Presence Services Snap-in enables the collection, aggregation and dissemination of rich presence information from Avaya platforms and third-party sources, across a diverse set of business environments.
Learn more

Avaya CRMGateway Snap-in

The Avaya CRMGateway Snap-in enables the Avaya Oceana Solution to access and retrieve customer records from CRM systems such as SAP, OpenCRX, and Siebel.
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Avaya Message Recording Snap-in

The Message Recording Snap-in enables developers to include message recording capabilities in their solutions.
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Snap-ins at EoS/EoSupport

Avaya Real-time Speech Snap-in

The Avaya Real-time Speech Snap-in enables real-time speech searches to be performed during voice calls. Using the Real-time Speech API, developers can create services that define, store and start speech search queries, and that receive notifications when those queries are matched on a call.
Learn more

Other Avaya Snap-ins

The following snap-ins are also available from Avaya. Although these do not expose a programming interface, they can be included in your solutions to provide enhanced capabilities. For more detailed information about these snap-ins, go to the Avaya Snapp Store on the DevConnect Marketplace.

Zang SMS Connector enables SMS messages to be sent to Zang for transmission to one or more recipients. Developers can create custom snap-ins that use the core Avaya Breeze SMS APIs to generate the SMS messages. The Zang SMS Connector acts as the interface between the custom snap-ins and Zang. For detailed information see the Zang SMS Connector Snap-in, Release guide.

Engagement Assistant Snap-in simplifies access to voice and video conference calls.

Smart Caller ID Inbound Snap-in provides contextual information to contact center agents, based on inbound caller ID.

Smart Caller ID Outbound Snap-in allows the caller ID presented to end customers to be updated to provide them with additional information.

Avaya Aura Call Park and Page Snap-in provides enhanced call park capabilities for the Avaya Aura Platform, including network access to parked calls, a simplified user access interface and park groups.

Call Redirection Manager provides workflow functionality and the ability to redirect calls based on business requirements through SIP signaling protocol.

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