Avaya Work Assignment Snap-in

Latest Release: 3.10 (January 2023)

Product Overview

The Avaya Work Assignment Snap-in is an extensible, highly scalable, highly available, and resilient next generation work distribution system that manages the assignment of work items to resources across the enterprise. The snap-in uses a single universal resource pool model and attributes/analytics driven routing.


  • Work Assignment provides ReSTful Web service interfaces that enable integration with third-party client applications.
  • Client applications can use the ReST interfaces to: request single, multiple or group resources to handle work items; accept offers of resources; query resources; manage resources and the number of work items assigned to them; etc.
  • When making a request, the client application provides a list of attributes desirable for handling the work item. Work Assignment identifies and offers available resources with matching attributes.
  • Avaya Engagement Designer supports Work Assignment tasks that enable business analysts and others to include Work Assignment capabilities in their business process workflow definitions.
  • Work Assignment can be integrated with Experience Portal to enable front-end applications to perform Work Assignment metric checks before choosing the best attribute set.
Avaya Workspaces screen shot
Work Assignment tasks in Collaboration Designer


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