Development Tools & Configurations

The development tools and configurations on this page are available to help DevConnect members develop, test and validate their own applications created with the Avaya Breeze Platform.

Software Development Kits

Avaya Breeze SDK

The SDK enables Java developers to create their own collaboration services to run on the Avaya Breeze server. Any Java programmer can build, test and deploy a custom service: no specialized telecommunications expertise is needed. The SDK provides sample application source code, plug-ins, Java libraries and the javadoc for the Avaya Breeze APIs. The SDK is available for download from from Releases for the release of the Avaya Breeze platform you are using.

Configuration Validation Tools

Avaya Breeze Tester

The Tester is a sample application that enables you to validate installations of the Avaya Breeze platform and Avaya Snap-ins.