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Avaya Aura® Presence Services Snap-in

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Development Tools & Configurations

The development tools and configurations on this page are available to help DevConnect members develop, test and validate their own applications created with Avaya Aura® Presence Services.

PS Connector SDK

The PS Connector SDK includes the PS Connector API, javadoc, programming documentation, a test service and other resources designed to help developers create snap-ins services that interoperate with Presence Services. The SDK is available for download under Releases -> Downloads tab for the latest release of the Presence Services Snap-in.


The Presence Services LPS SDK includes the LPS API, javadoc, programming documentation and other resources designed to help developers create solutions that interoperate with Presence Services. The LPS SDK is no longer supported. Developers should instead use the ReST API available in the PS Connector SDK.

Remote Labs

Avaya Collaboratory

Avaya Collaboratory is an Avaya-hosted execution and test environment intended for development of Avaya Breeze® services. Avaya Collaboratory enables developers to quickly get started on development activities with minimal effort, and at minimal cost. Whether you are interested in basic telephony capabilities, or richer multi-modal, multi-channel collaboration capabilities, an Avaya Collaboratory subscription offers a unique opportunity for you to explore and learn about the full power offered by the Avaya Breeze Platform and associated Avaya Snap-ins, including Presence Services.
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