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Avaya BotConnector Snap-in

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Product Overview

The Avaya BotConnector (formerly Chatbot) Snap-in is deployed on the Avaya Breeze Platform and acts as a connector to Avaya Automated Chat. Avaya Automated Chat is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that can be deployed in a public or private cloud. Using the BotConnector Snap-in APIs, developers can create self-service solutions that enable an organization's customers to conduct automated text-based dialogs via Web chat, Mobile chat, IM or SMS.


  • The BotConnector Snap-in provides ReST, Java SDK and JavaScript SDK APIs and reference implementations.
  • The APIs enable client applications to start chat sessions, send questions to Automated Chat, poll for and receive answers, and end chat sessions.
  • The BotConnector Snap-in publishes events to the Avaya Breeze Bus whenever a chat session is started or ended, and whenever a customer question cannot be answered. Other snap-ins can use these events to trigger additional processing.

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