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Avaya Breeze Platform

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DevConnect supports application development using the following Avaya Breeze interfaces:

Avaya Breeze APIs

The Avaya Breeze Platform provides an an easy-to-use set of Java APIs and a robust Software Development Kit (SDK) to help developers create custom snap-in services without having to acquire specialized communications expertise. The APIs support the development of a range of service types, including Called Party and Calling Party Call Intercept services, Outbound Calling services, HTTP-invoked services and Collaboration Bus-invoked services.
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Avaya Snap-in APIs

Many of the optional snap-in services created by Avaya have there own APIs that can be used in conjunction with the Avaya Breeze APIs to create even more enhanced solutions. DevConnect currently supports development using the interfaces provided by the Avaya WebRTC, Avaya Real-time Speech, Avaya Context Store, Avaya Work Assignment, Engagement Call Control, Co-Browsing, Message Recording, BotConnector and Presence Services snap-ins. In addition, Avaya Engagement Designer enables Business Analysts and other non-developers create business process workflows that leverage the capabilities of Avaya Breeze APIs and Avaya snap-in APIs.
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