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Avaya Breeze® Platform

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Educational Resources

These educational resources are available to help you learn how to develop services that can be developed with, and deployed in, the Avaya Breeze® Platform.

Video Tutorials

These videos provide a quick start to Avaya Breeze® service creation, with demonstrations of how to install and configure the Avaya Breeze® Platform and its SDK, how to develop your first service, and how to run and test your services. The videos were last updated and reissued with the Avaya Breeze® Platform Release 3.0:

Sample Service Videos

These videos help you understand the sample services included in the Avaya Breeze® Client SDK. The videos were originally created for an earlier release of the Avaya Breeze Platform, but remain valid for the current release:

This video shows a sample application that leverages the capabilities of the Engagement Call Control Snap-in:

Avaya Learning Courses

Avaya Learning offers a range of training courses for developers, including Programming Avaya Breeze® Snap-ins Using the Java SDK, Creating Avaya Breeze Snap-ins Using Engagement Designer and Advanced Engagement Designer.

DevConnect Sample Services

DevConnect has created a series of sample services to complement those in the Avaya Breeze® Client SDK. The sample services provide practical, real-life demonstrations of the capabilities and use of the Avaya Breeze® APIs. The applications were originally created for an earlier release of the Avaya Breeze Platform, but remain valid for the current release:
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DevConnect Know-how Webinars

View recordings of the following know-how webinars*, originally presented to DevConnect members by experts from the Avaya Breeze® product team:

* Whilst accurate at the time of recording, some of the facts and techniques presented in the videos above may have changed in later releases. Please consult the documentation for the latest release to fully understand how the Avaya Breeze Platform currently operates.

White Papers & Brochures

The following white papers and brochures provide a detailed outline of various aspects of Avaya Breeze application development:

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Avaya Breeze® Call Intercept Snap-ins
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