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Avaya Breeze Educational Resources

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DevConnect Sample Services Index

DevConnect has created the following sample services to complement those in the Avaya Breeze SDK. The sample services provide practical, real-life demonstrations of the capabilities and use of the Avaya Breeze APIs.

Avaya Breeze Bus Lottery Sample Services

The Avaya Breeze Bus Lottery sample uses the Avaya Breeze Bus APIs to demonstrate how messages are exchanged between services. The sample application was updated and reissued in March 2015 for use with the Avaya Breeze platform Release 3.0.

Avaya Breeze Tester

The Tester enables you to validate installations of the Avaya Breeze platform and Avaya Snap-ins. The validation includes testing Call Intercept APIs, Avaya Media Server media capabilities, the Email Connector, the Clickatell SMS Connector, Eventing API, User Data API, Real-time Speech Snap-in, Context Store Snap-in and Work Assignment Snap-in. The Tester was updated and reissued in June 2015 (Release to include VoiceXMLDialog API testing using a VoiceXML script, instructions for testing a Speech Server and an improved user interface.

Twitter Connector Sample Service

The Twitter Connector sample demonstrates how an Avaya Breeze snap-in service can invoke an outgoing HTTP request to an external Web service using REST client APIs. The sample application was updated and reissued in March 2015 for use with Avaya Breeze Release 3.0.

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